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Nick Chuter does Dubai Marathon!

nick chutner runs the dubai marathon to fundraise for the calver trust lake district. He looks happy, but tired... and is still running...

Nick Chuter completed the Dubai Marathon on January 22nd in an excellent time of 4 hours and 3 minutes. He ran the marathon to help raise money for the Lake District Calvert Trust, after his little brother, Ben, visited us last year to take part in our specialist Canoeing Course.

Nick has raised, so far, a staggering £2,197, £750 of which was donated by his employer, Barclays Bank PLC! This fantastic feat of endurance from Nick was fuelled predominantly by lots of cake and lots of Guinness (as told to us, reliably, by his wife Heather!), all in the aid of starting us off on an exciting project to develop a sensory room (snoezelen room) at our Centre.

The sensory room will cost £12,000, but will provide a range of smell, touch, hearing and visual stimuli  proven to benefit and enhance the lives of people with autism and severe learning disabilities. One amazing fact here is that Nick's brother Ben (who suffers from learning difficulties) raised a whopping £60 towards Nick's sponsorship by swimming 15 lengths, completing 12 km on an exercise bike, and actually 'jumping' in his riding lesson. A prime example of Team Chuter at it's finest!

Nick's JustGiving page is still open, so please visit it if you would like to donate to his fundraising effort. You can see the action (and pain) of Nick crossing the finish line. Thank you to Nick, and everyone who supported him, from our hearts and on behalf of the visitors to The Lake District Calvert Trust. Our motto? It's what you can do to that counts -but. just as importantly, 'It's what you can give that counts!

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