Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Respite Guest Carries Olympic Torch

Bob Bennett with the Olympic Torch

A guest currently staying at the centre on Respite at Calvert Trust Kielder, carried the Olympic Torch through his home town of Burrelton, Perth, on 12 June.

Bob Bennett who has been visiting Calvert Trust Kielder for the past 12 years, bought his torch to show other guests and carers at the centre.

Bob has inspired many people to do what they never thought possible: to engage in physical activity regardless of physical, social or mental barriers.  He is a member of Perth & Kinross Access Group, who aim to 'promote access and a barrier free environment in Perth & Kinross, with specific attention to the needs of disabled people'.

Bob has made a real difference to the local community by providing inspiration and support over the last year in helping to set up inclusive dance classes locally.  He has also proven to be an enthusiastic dancer in his own right, inspiring others in the class on a weekly basis.  But that's just scratching the surface; Bob has also published his own leaflet on wheel chair accessible walking routes around Perthshire; he has abseiled and taken part in other physically demanding sports and he was a performer in a physical theatre company for many years.

There is no doubt that Bob fulfils all the criteria; inspirational, always tries his best; makes a real difference; is a real friend; shows respect for others and is well aware of the importance of fair play. Having cerebral palsy has never held him back. He loves a challenge.

Check out Bob’s video of his proud moment with the torch:



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