Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Join the Noble 96 and help brighten William & Bruno's day!

Calvert Trust Exmoor are looking for local businesses and individuals to partner with us and become one of the 'noble ninety six', and be commemorated in a special plaque in our stables.


A key part of the Calvert Trust Exmoor experience is horse based activities including  riding, carriage driving, horse behaviour, and tandem riding sessions (where a child who can’t support themselves can have a member of staff sit behind them and act as their spine). These activities are a great way of gaining confidence, increasing independence, and developing new skills in an enjoyable way. 


It is not just our guests that flourish from our activities; horses such as Bruno thrive on carriage driving and riding in our indoor arena, and help our guests enjoy a fantastic horse experience. Guests such as William absolutely love the chance to interact with Bruno and his friends in a safe, supportive environment.

 Bruno  William

As an established facility for the North Devon and Exmoor community, we attract local schools, clubs and families into our stables every week. We pride ourselves on the experience we offer, a complete package of exciting and stimulating activities, however, our old arena skylights are casting more than a shadow and they’re letting our disabled visitors down. Replacing the skylights would allow more natural light to shine through, reducing the need for artificial lighting and lowering our energy consumption and carbon footprint.


We would like to involve our local communities and businesses by offering the opportunity to be one of the ‘Noble Ninety-Six’. There are 96 skylight panels we need to replace, (although over 30 people & organisations have already signed up to join). In return you will forever be a part of Calvert Trust Exmoor through a plaque erected in the stables for all our guests to see the generous members of the Noble Ninety-Six.


If you would like to take up this fantastic opportunity please contact our fundraiser Josh on or 01598 763221.

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