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Let there be light!

Thanks to the generosity our the fabulous local people and businesses that make up our Noble 96, and a grant from the Clothworkers Foundation,  work is about to start on Calvert Trust Exmoor's Stables, replacing all of the skylights in our indoor arena to bring much more natural light into our indoor riding experience.


indoor arena

Our Indoor Arena


The Arena already had a new watering system installed in April and a new floor installed in May, this final step, which also includes changing the lighting system, means we will have a first class indoor riding facility for both residential guests and local individuals and riding groups to use.


If you are planning to visit CTE in the near future, please note that there will be external contractors on our site undertaking this work. Please take extra care on site during this period, as there will be extra vehicles moving around, scaffolding, and people working at height. Horse based activities will also be unavailable whilst this work is going on, any breaks taken at Calvert Trust Exmoor in this period will not include horse activities.


The work is scheduled to be completed by 25th of October 2013. 

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