Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

400ft fall for Calvert Trust Exmoor

Yesterday (13th October 2013) Rob jump the UK's biggest bungee to raise money for Calvert Trust Exmoor, a 400ft drop! Rob's Bloomin' big Bungee was initially scheduled for the 17th of August but postponed due to high winds; lashing rain however wasn't a problem, so a soaking wet Rob completed his jump yesterday at the National Diving Centre in Chepstow.


Before the jump

Before the jump, ready to go!


Rob, who is Head of Communications for Calvert Trust Exmoor, said: "It was an amazing experience, and having jumped I immediately wanted to do it again! I'm so thankful to everyone who has sponsored me to do this, I can't tell you how much of a huge difference bursaries make to our guests."  A video of the jump as it happened will be available on the Exmoor pages of this website in the next few days.



during the jump

The moment of launch!


All money raised will go to Calvert Trust Exmoor's bursary funds, which are used to help guests in financial need with the cost of a break. It's not too late to sponsor Rob for his jump, just visit to donate!


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