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World Autism Awareness Day – 2nd April 2011

 World Autism Awareness Logo

2nd of April 2011 is the United Nations World Autism Awareness Day, a day to promote awareness of autism worldwide, and give a voice to the millions of individuals worldwide who have this disability.


Autism is a lifelong developmental disability, it is part of the ‘autism spectrum’, and is sometimes referred to as autism spectrum disorder or ASD. There are over 500,000 people in the UK with Autism, which is 1 in every 100 of us. Despite being so common, autism is still relatively unknown and misunderstood by the public at large.


Here at The Calvert Trust we are doing our own small part in standing up for Autism on world Autism Awareness Day.


You can find more information on Autism from the National Autism Society here;

and from Autism Speaks here

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