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Renewable Energy Support: Naturesave Trust

Calvert Trust Exmoor would like to say a huge thank you to the Naturesave Trust for their generous £5,000 grant towards the cost of our new Biomass boiler.


As a charity we have a history of pursuing low carbon technologies to reduce our impact on the environment; we already have an array of solar photovoltaic panels to reduce our electricity consumption, and solar-thermal panels to heat our hydrotherapy swimming pool.

Ensuring maximum comfort for our guests means the Centre has high energy running costs, and in view of this we had been seeking alternative ways to lower our consumption in a bid to improve our ecological footprint. our new 199KWh Froling wood pellet biomass boiler offered the best option to meet our requirements, and at the same time reduce our carbon emissions by over 100,000kg a year.


The Naturesave Trust was extremely supportive from the outset, their excellent advice helped the project to be delivered on time and within budget, and the new boiler is now meeting Calvert Trust Exmoor's energy requirements that were previously provided by oil fuelled boilers.


Tony Potter, CEO of Calvert Trust Exmoor said “The introduction of a wood pellet biomass boiler is an important step forward in implementing our environment policy objective of reducing our greenhouse emissions. We are extremely grateful to The Naturesave Trust for their fantastic support to help make this happen.”



A key challenge for the project was to locate the biomass boiler building as close to the main centre building as possible (to minimise heat loss), and at the same time not spoil the magnificent natural setting.  This was achieved by constructing the boiler building in natural larch, to blend as much as possible with our surrounding environment. 


Community Renewable Energy Grants provided by the Naturesave Trust

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