Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

We're in the final to win £10,000 for Calvert Trust Kielder




Thank You for voting for Calvert Trust Kielder  in the Aviva Community Fund, to help win £10,000 to support their Freedom on the Lake Project.

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The ‘Freedom on the Lake’ project will increase the sailing fleet at Calvert Trust Kielder with the purchase of an RS Venture Keel Sailing Boat. This powerful and exhilarating sailing boat can accommodate up to eight people, and will complement their existing fleet of a motor boat, gigs, canoes, and kayaks. By challenging disability through water-based activities, even the most profoundly disabled child or adult has the chance to become more independent and to achieve new goals.

The RS Venture Keel has been designed with stability in mind and can be adapted to accommodate disabled people, thereby allowing users to experience the freedom that sailing brings. Its wide bottomed hull gives it a greater level of stability, whilst the addition of two forward facing seats enables disabled users to sail the boat themselves, as opposed to being ‘taken out’.

With a cost of £10,000, and a lifespan of at least 15 years, the RS Venture Keel Sailing Boat would be a long-term investment. She would bring hours of enjoyment to hundreds of people every year, with guests benefitting from a sense of personal achievement and fulfilment, and a growth in self-confidence, as well as learning sailing skills which would enable them to participate more fully in the activity again.


Corporate Fundraiser, Hazel Ditchburn said:

"Thank you to everyone who voted to sent us through to the final.  We'll find out by the end of the month if we have been chosen to receive a money prize."

I would like to thank Janet and her team at Coversure Insurance Services Newcastle, for entering Calvert Trust Kielder into the Aviva Community Fund."







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