Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Calvert Trust Kielder Have Won £10,000 from Aviva

Calvert Trust Kielder are thrilled to announce that they have won £10,000 for their Freedom on the Lake Project in the Aviva Community Fund competition.

Janet Fay, Coversure and Catherine Little, Calvert Trust Kielder

The Aviva Community Fund has financed 283 projects from across the UK covering four categories. A valued supporter of the Trust, Janet Fay from Coversure Insurance Newcastle entered Calvert Trust Kielder into the health, disability and wellbeing category. Guests and supporters of the Trust helped push the project into the final by securing 6,595 votes. The judge’s final decision was announced this week and Calvert Trust Kielder will receive the full £10,000 towards the project.

The ‘Freedom on the Lake’ project will increase the sailing fleet at Calvert Trust Kielder with the purchase of an RS Venture Keel Sailing Boat. This powerful and exhilarating sailing boat can accommodate up to eight people, and will complement their existing fleet of motor boats, gigs, canoes, and kayaks. By challenging disability through water-based activities, even the most profoundly disabled child or adult has the chance to become more independent and to achieve new goals.

Catherine Little, Fundraising Manager said:

“We are so thrilled to have won and couldn’t have done it without the help of our incredible supporters and guests.

The RS Venture Keel Sailing Boat is a fantastic addition to our sailing fleet and will bring hours of enjoyment to hundreds of people every year. Guests will benefit from a sense of personal achievement and fulfilment, as well as learning sailing skills which will enable them to participate more fully in the activity again. We really look forward to seeing the ‘Aviva’ sail across Kielder Water.”

We would like to say a special thank you to Janet and her team at Coversure Newcastle for entering Calvert Trust Kielder into the competition and helping to make this possible.”

Janet Fay, Coversure Insurance Services Newcastle said:

“I have been an avid supporter of CTK for over seven years. They first came to my attention when I met one of their fundraisers and heard about the work that they do, and the impact they have, on the lives of disabled adults and children, as well as their family and friends.

After visiting the centre at Kielder and witnessing the dedication and enthusiasm of the staff as they encouraged their guests, I was hooked.

I am impressed with how the charity is run; they are not content to stand still and are acutely aware that it is a changing world, and that peoples’ expectations and needs are shifting. They continually look to the future and seek out ideas to enhance their guests’ experiences, from new and exciting activities to enhanced accommodation and facilities.

I’m not in a position where I can give away tens of thousands of pounds, but I know that what I can do is deeply appreciated and goes straight to where it is most needed.

I am absolutely over the moon that we have won the donation from Aviva for such a fantastic organisation.”

The new sailing boat will be launched onto Kielder Water later on in the year and will be enjoyed by thousands of people for years to come.



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