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NOMAD All Terrain Wheelchair Carriages arrive at Exmoor

Calvert Trust Exmoor were delighted to take delivery of four NOMAD wheelchair carriages from Adventure Mobility last week.


NOMAD wheelchair carriage


Thanks to a generous donation from The Aubrey Orchard-Lisle Charitable Trust (Charity no. 1151335), the centre was able to purchase four carriages, and plans to keep two at the centre, and two at nearby Saunton beach.


The two designs are;

  • The NOMAD Tundra (pictured right), which is designed for standard wheelchairs and is suitable for users with good core body strength, and
  • The NOMAD Desert (pictured left), which is ideal for bespoke and non-standard wheelchairs as it loads with its own on board ramps.

Jon Cawley, Activities Manager for Calvert Trust Exmoor, said "These NOMAD carriages are a fantastic addition to our fleet, allowing guests who are wheelchair users to stay in their chair but go places that their chair would not normally be able to go! The team is looking forward to pushing new boundaries with these carriages in the coming months, as we explore their capabilities further."


Adventure Mobility was started in June 2014 by father and son Phil and Rod Pugh, as a means of providing a better quality for their family member Tom, and others like him. Tom is a quadriplegic who has Cerebral Palsy. He relies entirely on his wheelchair and on more than one occasion has been restricted because of its physical limitations.

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