Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

20th Whitley Bay Cubs raise £270 for Calvert Trust Kielder

On the Friday 11 November, 20 Cubs took part in a night time sponsored walk to help raise money for Calvert Trust Kielder.  During a sleepover at Headquarters, the Cubs braved a chilly but dry night to go on a 3.7 mile walk around the wagon ways.  Setting out at 9.30pm the Cubs were excited to explore the darkness and play dodge the puddle, and in some cases ‘small lake’ that had filled the pathways.

20th Whitley Bay Cubs raise money for Calvert Trust Kielder


Over the last term, Cubs have volunteered during pack nights to ’adopt’ a disability for the night. Whether a Cub lost their sight, hearing or the use of an arm, the aim was to help them discover they could still participate no matter what they believed their disadvantage was, and to also help the non-disabled Cubs realise that disability is not scary or different.


Matthew Crumbley, 20th Whitley Bay Akela said ‘I am so proud with how the Cubs worked together to help the Cub that had been given a disability. They instantly wanted to help their friends and guide them through difficulties they may encounter. We are so proud to support Calvert Trust Kielder, who constantly strives to show people there are No Limits in life’.


Catherine Little from Calvert Trust Kielder said of the fundraising ‘ We are so pleased that we have been able to help the 20th Whitley Bay Cubs with their Disability awareness term, and are so proud of the amount they raised on their night time walk. They have proved that it really is what you CAN do that counts! Thank you 20th Whitley Bay Cubs.’


If you would like to carry out a sponsored event for Calvert trust Kielder please visit our Website or contact the Fundraising team on 01434 250232


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