Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

#Team Calvert jump from a plane at 10,000ft for Calvert Trust Kielder

On Saturday 22 April, seven intrepid people threw themselves out of a plane from over 10,000ft for #TeamCalvert  


Parachute Jump for #TeamCalvert


With clear skies and sunshine, #TeamCalvert met at the Peterlee Skydive academy where after a short training session,they took to the skies.


 Anthony Tang, part of Team Richardson who bought a challenge package at The Calvert Ball and have been fundraising for their five challenges including Color Obstacle Rush, Kielder Marathon and the Great North Run. Anthony was chosen to take on the parachute jump and he didn't let his team down - dropping safely from an average height of 10,000 ft.


Parachute Jump for #TeamCalvert


Six members of #TeamCalvert were from Rosedale Leasing, who has chosen Calvert Trust Kielder as their charity of the year, and are hoping to raise over £5,000 to help sponsor Respite Stays.  Rosedale are participating in several #TeamCalvert events this year, the parachute jump was their second event and they loved every minute - even those scared of heights.


Parachute Jump #TeamCalvert


We would like to say a BIG congratulations to all the jumpers on the day, your courage was amazing and the fundraising has been crucial to Calvert Trust Kielder.


If you are interested in doing a parachute jump for Calvert Trust Kielder or would like to find out more about #TeamCalvert fundraising events then click HERE or contact our Fundraising team for more information.


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