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Accord Healthcare Volunteers Support Exmoor

A lovely team of volunteers from Accord Healthcare Barnstaple (formerly Actavis Barnstaple) have been on site today at Calvert Trust Exmoor, helping out with the courtyard garden.

The Accord Team, with Tom Bigge (Chair of Trustees), and Richard McCaie (expert gardener)


Their sterling work has made a huge difference in the courtyard garden area, allowing our guests to both better enjoy the planting, and have greater access to the paths.


The Accord team hard at work


A happy gardener!


The team were also surprised to discover a next of hedgehogs while they were clearing some overgrown shrubs; the nest contained four adolescent hoglets and their mum, all sleeping happily.


The Calvert Hedgehogs


Fortunately there is still plenty of cover in the courtyard garden, and shortly after they were uncovered the five hedgehogs all snuffled off into the undergrowth together to find somewhere else to sleep! 

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