Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

The Weekender's #TeamCalvert Story

This Month's #TeamCalvert story is about our guests Bev and her son Mark, and Emma and her brother Steven. Mark and Steven are great friends and love their regular weekend trips to Calvert Trust Exmoor together.



Bev: "He keeps coming back trying the activities, they’re a good challenge for him, and the more he does it the easier it gets, the more confidence he gets...."


Emma: "...I’ve really enjoyed watching what a positive impact this has had on his life. Even people at the facility comment on how much more confident he is than when they met him five years ago..."


Bev: "....Every time we come their confidence is boosted, and that’s got to be good."


We've had loads of great reaction to our previous #TeamCalvert films, all about our instructor team, regular guests Lynn and Daisy, or chef Kevin,  our housekeeper Matt, guests Mill Water School. and our trustee Michael. (You can watch them all on our videos page if you missed our original posts!). 


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