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Kielder Volunteers Meet The Queen and Dumbledore

Calvert Trust Kielder Volunteers


Back in June volunteers from Calvert Trust Kielder were invited to Alnwick Garden for a special day out to meet The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh.  Lorraine one of our gap year volunteers tells us of her experience.

The morning of Wednesday 15 June might have seemed to you like any ordinary morning but the excitement in my house was almost palpable, as I’m sure it was for 8,000 other Carers and Volunteers across Northumberland. It was the day I, along with a couple of other housemates, were invited to Alnwick Gardens for a garden party in the presence of The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh, as well as the Duchess and Duke of Northumberland. As any young teenager would, I spent most of the morning in front of the mirror, deciding what to wear. When I left Australia and started a GAP year volunteering at Calvert Trust Kielder this was certainly not an experience I was expecting to have. Therefore I made sure my camera was charged and ready for wonderful day out.

Alnwick Castle Greegs Morning Tea Dumbledore

We arrived at Alnwick to be provided with a Greggs morning tea while we waited for The Queen to arrive. The Harry Potter entertainment with Hagrid and Professor Dumbledore’s appearance only added to the excitement and fun of the day. It also gave my camera a fitting warm up before the arrival of The Queen.

All of a sudden the moment had arrived and the trumpets were sounded. It wasn’t long before the Queen of England was standing just meters away with the Duke of Edinburgh not far behind. It was lovely to see the many volunteers and carers of Northumberland being presented to The Queen and recognised for their services.

The Queen  Duke of Edinburgh Loraine & Amy

The whole experience is something I, and I’m sure the other volunteers that attended will never forget. Not only because of the excitement and fun that the day held, but also because it was amazing to see such a large gathering of people who had devoted their time to helping others. I can honestly say my camera worked harder than it has in a while and I shall be returning to Australia with many fond memories of my time at the Calvert Trust and my day out with The Queen.

Written by Loraine Boshoff

GAP Volunteer



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