Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

a young boy is smiling at the camera. He is halfway between his wheelchair and the canoe. About to embark on an adventure!
A guy is lowered into his bed using a deviceA man in a wheelchair is smiling with his instructor as he is abseiling down a quite steep slope!

Visitor Benefits

By focusing on challenging disability through outdoor adventure, a visit to the Calvert Trust is not just about fun, it's about developing personal skills that can be taken into everyday life, including:

  • building self-confidence
  • gaining independence
  • making new friends
  • acquiring new hobbies and skills.

Each visit provides the opportunity to try something new in a safe and caring environment. By pushing these boundaries with the support of our instructors, visitors feel more comfortable about trying new things at home.

How do we know it works?

Just a short conversation with one of our many visitors is usually proof of the benefits to be gained. However we are constantly evaluating feedback from our visitors – both on the benefits achieved and their satisfaction with their stay. 

Measuring Outcomes:

Each centre runs outcomes surveys and evaluations to gain feedback and understanding of what visitors get out of their break or course.  This includes:

  • Visitor questionnaires completed by all visitors
  • Working with certain groups to set objectives and evaluate what was gained by each participant at the end of every programme or course.
“The centre gives people with disabilities an opportunity to discover, in safety, what they CAN do, and will help them to get as nearly as possible into the mainstream of life.”

Norman Croucher OBE

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