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Why the name Calvert Trust?

The name Calvert was chosen to represent friendship, support and the desire to help somebody to fulfil their potential - all values that remain at the heart of what we do.

To discover the origin of the Calvert name, we have to go back over 200 years, to the Calvert Family, who previously owned the land that John Fryer-Spedding gave to the Trust. Raisley Calvert, one of the sons, had grown up with William Wordsworth, the famous poet and writer, and this childhood friendship continued into adulthood. 

It was Raisley Calvert’s desire that his friend was able to continue his writing and encouraged him all he could.  However, by the age of 21 Raisley had developed tuberculosis and was dying.  As he faced death, he wanted Wordsworth to fulfil his writing potential and a legacy was arranged to allow Wordsworth to continue with his poetry full time.  The Old Windebrowe cottage was also given rent-free to Wordsworth and his sister, just as many years later John Fryer-Spedding gave the same cottage to the Trust to allow others to fulfil their potential. 

As we all know, Wordsworth went on to fulfil his own potential and leave his own literary legacy - he even wrote a poem dedicated to his friend Raisley Calvert.

With the Old Windebrowe connections and such a story of encouragement, potential and support, it seems only fitting that Raisley’s name be taken to represent The Calvert Trust.

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