Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Crate Stack

Crate stack challenge is one of our original activities, and (like many of our activities) is capable of being run both indoors and out.


Crate Stack is great for team building, and so works particularly well with schools and other groups. Other skills developed on the crate stack challenge include problem solving and self-confidence.


Adaptive harnesses and equipment mean that anyone can take part, as you can see in the photo (right); Fin Laird, age 11, has left his wheelchair and is sat on the stack he has built with his mum, 21 crates high!


Crate Stack is also available as a day activity for non-residential visitors.


To find out more about the crate stack challenge at Calvert Trust Exmoor contact us on  or 01598 763221.

Disabled Holiday Crate Stack



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