Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Horse Based Activities

Calvert Trust Exmoor's stables offer a wide range of horse based activities.

As well as regular riding, horse based activities include carriage driving (which can also be done from a wheelchair), horse behaviour and ‘learning to speak horse’ sessions, and tandem riding (where a child who can’t support themselves can have a member of staff sit behind them and 'act as their spine').


Guests can also get involved in stable management sessions such as grooming, tacking up and mucking out, working with horses both loose and with a lead rope, or horse agility sessions; working with a horse to get round a course of cones, over tyres and seesaws and other obstacles.


Horse based activities are a great way of gaining confidence, increasing independence, and developing new skills in an enjoyable way.


To find out more about horse based activities at Calvert Trust Exmoor contact us on  or 01598 763221.




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