Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

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This page contains all the thing we think you might want to download to find out more about Calvert Trust Exmoor, what we do, and what to bring if you are coming to visit us.


To download any document just click on the link (You will need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files which you can download for free from Adobe here).


Our Brochure- The latest version of our brochure, telling you all about who we are and what we do here at Calvert Trust Exmoor.


Our Audio Brochure - an audio version of our brochure, telling you all about who we are and what we do here at Calvert Trust Exmoor. (If you click the link it will play the audio, to download it in MP3 format right click the link and select "save link as...")


Price List - this is a PDF of our current prices. Don't forget to check out our Special Offers page for our latest offers!


A Visit to Calvert Trust Exmoor in Pictures - thinking of coming to visit us? why not download this and have a look around before you get here! You also might be interested in watching our video.


Kit List- This is our recommended list of clothing and equipment to bring with you if you are coming to stay at Calvert Trust Exmoor.


Pool Safety Operating Procedure - This is the safety operating procedure for our pool, and should be read by all group leaders bringing guests to our centre.


Easy Read Kit List - An 'easy read' version of our Kit List, as a checklist with pictures.


In Case of Fire; Carer's Responsibilities - This document explains the things we expect Carer's to be responsible for in the case of a fire whilst staying at Calvert Trust Exmoor.


Visitor Information - All the information you might need on a visit to us, from what is our address to where can you watch television!


Loan Equipment - We have various items of assistive equipment available to loan to our guests, free of charge, to help make your stay easier and more comfortable.


Customer Service Statement - Would you like to know how we treat you if you visit Calvert Trust Exmoor? This statement tells you all about our commitment to you as a customer.


Accessibility Statement - This document tells you all about the features of our centre that make it accessible for everyone.


Audio Welcome Pack - An audio version of the Welcome Pack document that is in every bedroom here at Calvert Trust Exmoor. (If you click the link it will play the audio, to download it in MP3 format right click the link and select "save link as...")


Education leaflet - Do you work in the education field? This leaflet tells you all about our educational breaks, 'I CAN do it' transitional courses, personal development, and lots more besides.


Picture Boards- Here at Calvert Trust Exmoor we sometimes use picture communication, also known as picture sequencing, to talk to our guests and explain what we do. If you would like to see the picture set we use before you get here, you can download them here.


Map of Calvert Trust Exmoor - All our activities are on the same site, so once you get here, you don't have to travel anywhere for your whole holiday! This map shows you where everything happens. 


Main Building Layout - Ground Floor - If you would like to know the layout of our building before you get here, this is a lovely illustrated layout of the ground floor of our main building. See below for the First Floor layout.


Main Building Layout - First Floor - This is a lovely illustrated layout of the first floor of our main building. See above for the Ground Floor layout.


Watersmeet Building Layout - This is an illustrated layout of our Watersmeet building, please see above for layouts of the main building.


Calvert Trust People - This PDF shows you the faces and names of the Calvert Trust Exmoor staff you are most likely to meet if you visit us, so you can be familiar with us before you get here! 


Travel Map - If you need to know how to get here, download this easy to use, one page, map and travel directions.


Terms and Conditions - These are our current terms and conditions, and form a part of your contract when you book with Calvert Trust Exmoor. Our terms and conditions are also available in large print format.


A Brief History of Calvert Trust Exmoor - Are you interested in our history? This is the document for you!


Risk Management Summary- Do you need to know how we assess our risks and what insurances we have in place? Then our risk management summary is the document for you!


Medical Form - All our guests are sent a medical form, so we can ensure that we are well prepared and able to adapt what we do to meet your needs. can't find the form we sent you and need it to complete your holiday paperwork? don't worry! you can't download it, as it needs to include your booking reference, but just call us on 01598 763221 or email & we will send you a new one.

tandem cycling


"Nothing is too difficult and the amazing staff here have helped our children do things that other places would not. Seeing smiles on the children's faces everyday was the best part of the Holiday. I would come back every week to experience that over and over, seeing our children take part in activities they have never done before, NO MATTER WHAT the disability."

Teresa from Footprints 


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