Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

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Taking advantage of the amazing Lake District landscape, we run as many of our activities as we can away from the Centre. To visit the 'Schools' section on our new website please click here


Each group is given an activity programme for the duration of their stay and this is tailored to meet the needs and objectives of the group members.


Your group will have a dedicated instructor for the whole of the visit, allowing our staff to get to know every individual - helping you to make the most of your stay!



Water ActivitiesWater Activities

We are able to visit a variety of Lakeland venues for our water activities, as well as having a more permanent set-up at Bassenthwaite Lake, where we have a fully accessible jetty.  Derwentwater and Windermere are where our two Catamaran cruisers are moored, and we can also arrange trips along local rivers. 






Canoeing and KayakingCanoeing and Kayaking

We offer a range of canoeing and kayaking experiences, from a short paddle around the lake to longer journeys or trips.  Our boats range from stable canoe rafts to solo and tandem kayaks and open Canadian canoes. You can also practise your paddling skills in the luxury of our hydrotherapy swimming pool which has water jets and a deep water section.






You can try your hand at sailing one of our single-handed ‘Access’ dinghies or larger boats like our ‘Windrider’ trimarans and Drascombe longboats.  We also have two Catamaran cruisers (a 26ft Strider Catamaran or a 32ft Pacecat Catamaran) which are ideal for larger groups and/or whole days out on the lake.




Climbing and AbseilingClimbing and Abseiling

The Lake District Calvert Trust is located in the heart of one of the premier climbing areas within the UK.  As a result, we can deliver a range of outdoor or indoor climbing experiences to suit all abilities, from easy-angled scrambles and low-level routes to high-level challenges such as abseiling from a 60ft cliff edge. This abseiling has been adapted for wheelchair users so you can choose to either leave your chair behind or opt to take it with you to an outdoor wheelchair abseiling venue. The Centre also has its                                                            own fully accessible indoor climbing venue. 




Trapeze and SwingRock and Rope Activities 

You and your instructor can work together to choose from a range of activities to challenge yourself in our indoor climbing venue.  How high do you go on our big swing before pulling the release cord?  Do you dare to leap for the trapeze bar? 





Zip wireZip Wire

Would you like to feel the wind in your hair as you zoom through the treetops looking out over Bassenthwaite Lake?  You can choose to have a go on our fully accessible Zip Wire which is located on-site at the Centre in local woodland.




Riding and Trap DrivingHorse Riding and Trap Driving

The Centre has its own riding stables, just outside Keswick, where you can learn the basics of horse riding in our indoor and outdoor schools, explore secluded bridle paths, or experience the excitement of carriage driving in our wheelchair-accessible traps.  Please be aware that there is a weight restriction of 13 stone for horse riding and 18 stone for trap driving.





Hill WalkingHill Walking

Feel the true spirit of the Lake District by walking amongst its magnificent scenery. A range of accessible walks and pushes, varied in both scenery and difficulty, are available.  The view from Latrigg Fell is breathtaking (wheelchair accessible).





Ghyll Scrambling/Gorge WalkingGhyll Scrambling

Experience the amazing scenery of the Lake District as you explore the route of a mountain stream. Participants have the chance to get as wet as they want to on this challenging activity on rocky and uneven terrain.





Hand Biking and CyclingCycling and Hand Biking

Try your hand at using one of our recumbent KMX tricycles or handbikes as an introduction to this excellent integrated sport.  You can explore cycle tracks, coastal routes or quiet country roads, or make a visit to a specialist adaptive biking centre which also has a range of wheelchair bikes, trikes and tandems.







Try your hand at archery in our indoor venue where we have specialist adaptive equipment which makes this sport accessible and fun for all.






Challenge CourseChallenge Course

Test your balance, skill and teamwork to overcome the range of obstacles in front of you. A variety of courses are available, including an innovative course for wheelchair users.







Problem Solving and Group Work Problem Solving

The ‘problem’ may involve building a tower, crossing a river, or completing a ropes course. As well as being fun, problem solving activities can enhance the personal development of individuals and assist in the team building of groups.






We have an accessible trail around the Centre with a range of differentiated maps, including photo and picture maps which enable everybody to try their hand at orienteering.





Camping and Hut NightsCamping and Hut Nights

Some groups choose to spend a night under canvas or in a mountain hut, thus feeling very much at one with nature and with the rest of the group members. This is often a highlight of the course.






The Centre is able to put you in contact with local Flyability pilots who offer discounted rates for people with disabilities and have designed a specialist buggy to enable wheelchair users to take part in this sport. 


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Mine VisitMine Visit

Experience the thrill of being underground by exploring “Goldscope Mine”, a disused copper mine in the Newlands valley. The centre also has a small artificial cave on site.




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