Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

A horse pulls a carriage with two people
RidingA girl learning to ride at the riding school. She is very happy on her horse.


At Calvert Trust Exmoor we have our own on-site stables and indoor arena, as well as a purpose built outdoor ménage.


Our horses are specially selected and trained to have the perfect temperament for our visitors, and range in size from large horses down to Pilgrim, our miniature Shetland pony, who is fully grown at only 28" tall!


Our stables offer horse experience activities such as natural horsemanship, stable management, understanding horse behaviour and working horses, as well as horse riding and carriage driving.


Our indoor arena and outdoor ménage are also available for private hire use by local clubs and groups from only £10 per hour, (you also need to provide proof that you have your own liability insurance). We also offer riding lessons from £20 per person for a group lesson, or £20 per person for a private lesson. You can find out more about both arena hire and riding lessons by downloading our riding tariff as a pdf. 


Calvert Trust Exmoor is recognised as having the a high standard of Equine facilities, and as a part of this we are a British Horse Society (BHS) approved facility. (no.1083). You can find more information on our awards and accreditation's here, and more information on the BHS by clicking on their logo below.


Our carriage driving instructors are trained to British Driving Society (BDS) standards, you can find more information on the BDS by clicking on their logo below.

British Horse Society

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We aim to make every facility at Calvert Trust Exmoor accessible to everyone. To find out more about our accessibility please have a look at our accessiblity statement, and if you have any feedback how we might make our facilities more accessible for your needs please contact us on, 01598 763221, or by post to our postal address


"In one week here, students have learnt more than in weeks at school. For many of them it has been a life changing experience and something they’ll remember forever."

Meadow High School


Pilgroms Progress

Hi, I'm Pilgrim! please click my photo to go to my fab blog: Pilgrim's Progress


Horse Experience Weekends now added to our ever popular Themed Breaks; click here for more info.

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