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At Calvert Trust Kielder, the local community can play a vital role in helping us to raise money and assist our centre in many different ways. Our dedicated Fundraising Team are always there to offer advice and guidance to help you make a difference.


Schools and Colleges

We are delighted to be supported by many schools and colleges, who want to help children and adults reach their potential through exciting activities. The students are brilliant at coming up with their own fundraising ideas, but we are there to help if you need us. If you think your local school or college could support the Trust, please give us a call.

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We are always looking for lively and enthusiastic students to fundraise and volunteer for Calvert Trust Kielder. Will you nominate us to be one of your Rag Week charities and get involved in a RAG Mega Raid – we can help to secure a permit for a street collection and can provide you with ideas and resources to help your Raid be a success. Why not take on a fundraising challenge like a sky dive, coast to coast bike ride or if that’s too exciting, sit in a bath of cold baked beans and raise funds for the charity.

Clubs and Societies

It is a great tradition for clubs and societies to support charities. Are you involved with an organisation such as a Scout troop, golf club, Rotary, WI or Lions Club? Why not pick Calvert Trust Kielder as your next charity? We would love to come along to one of your meetings to tell you all about the work we do and the people we support.

Friends Groups

Organising community events is a great way to make new friends and develop new skills. Gather together some like-minded people and before you know it, you will be bursting with ideas for your own Friends of Calvert Trust Kielder group.


For further information on how you can get your community involved, please contact Catherine Little on 01434 250232.


"Our autistic children often sit alone for meals but at Calvert Trust Kielder they sat together and talked to each other. They shared bedrooms and developed friendships. This was a big achievement for our children."

Alison Jackson, Collingwood School

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