Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure


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Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder - Educational institutions

Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder. Educational Institutions.


Calvert Kielder - Days, Holidays & Experiences

Calvert Kielder is open to all Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Calvert Kielder is uniquely positioned to understand children, young people and challenge in the outdoors. We love giving our younger guests time-out and the opportunity to access a range of inspiring and increasingly challenging experiences and activities - from the serene to the scintillating. Find out more...
Calvert Trust Kielder - Days, Holidays & Experiences for disabled people

Calvert Trust Kielder welcome School, College and University groups where one, many or all groups members are disabled.

Calvert Trust Kielder has helped disabled people to explore and overcome challenge for over 30 years giving us a deep understanding of the relationship between challenge, learning and living – for anyone. Our disabled guests, their friends and families experience the same emotions and experiences as any other guest inside our safe, inclusive, uniquely challenging facility. Find out more...


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