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Kielder Winters

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Kielder Winters

Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder. Kielder Winters.


Kielder Winters by Calvert Kielder and Calvert Trust Kielder is an all new and unique offering for 2017.


Kielder Winters raises awareness of and eases access to one of the most uniquely beautiful locations in the UK during the colder months of the year.


Kielder Winters includes simple and transparent price incentives, detailed winter visitor information plus many other unique insights, opportunities and offers.


13 cabins, 12 weeks - big savings!


How to Find Out First About Kielder Winters 2017-18

Streams flow faster, snowflakes cascade from our 100 metre high firs, icicles hang from our Calvert Chalets and lights glow orange from inside our Executive Chalets on the hill.


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We will message you in October 2017.


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