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Simon's Trip to Robinson Crusoe Island: Raising Funds for LDCT

Simon Thelwall is going on an adventure... Due to set sail on the 5th of March Simon, along with three other crew members, is setting out from Puerto Montt - 650 miles south of Santiago - with the ultimate aim of reaching Robinson Crusoe Island, before heading on to Algarrobo, where the team will complete their epic journey.


Simon Thelwall Adventure


After being rescued by one of our instructors last year whilst out sailing on Bassenthwaite, Simon has very kindly chosen to raise funds through this trip for the Lake District Calvert Trust. 


If you would like to learn more about Simon's sailing trip to Robinson Crusoe Island, and follow his progress check out his facebook page here. He is set to return to the Chilean mainland around the 15th of March.


Simon Thelwall Map


The team have two Sat phones on board, Satellite Broad band & wi-fi! If you go on the Web Site ‘AIS’ you should be able to see where the crew are. They have to switch on the ‘Beacon’ on the boat & their details should come up – along with all the other boats/ships/Ferries etc in the area. It’s quite fun – and Simon suggests you have a play with it if you don’t know it.


Simon's fundraising efforts have already proved incredibly successful, but there's still time to help him raise more! To donate to his fundraising adventure, please follow the Just Giving link.


We would like to wish Simon and his companions the very best of luck on successfully reaching their destination! 


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