Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure


Calvert Trust Exmoor is sometimes awarded bursary money from generous benefactors. This funding enables guests who require financial assistance to be able to have a holiday. Bursaries are discretionary and assessed on a case by case basis.


Please note that for most bursaries the maximum a group can be awarded is 50%, and individuals are unlikely to to be awarded a bursary greater than 75%. Guests who are in need of financial assistance are welcome to apply for a booking at any time of the year. It is however unlikely that bursary funds will be available for breaks in June, July or August.


Previous bursary recipients are allowed to apply again for a bursary, but are unlikely to be awarded a bursary at the maximum percentage. Previous receipt of a bursary does not mean that you will be automatically eligible to receive one in future.

If you would like to be considered for a bursary, please call us on 01598 763221 to book a provisional date and to request a bursary application form.


Please note; One of the key criteria to be able to receive a bursary is financial need. We are therefore unable to award a bursary after a booking has already been paid in full.


All of the bursaries listed here are only available for guests staying at Calvert Trust Exmoor, and are to assist directly with the cost of the stay; unfortunately we can't offer bursary support for travel costs or other associated costs.

Alice Ellen Cooper Dean Bursary

Open to guests aged 6 and over from Dorset and West Hampshire.


Taunton Dean Fund

Open to people under 25 from the borough of Taunton Dean.

John James Foundation Bursary

Restricted to people with disabilities and special needs within the City of Bristol boundary.

Ray Harris Charitable Trust

Restricted to people from West Wiltshire.

Friends of Churchtown Lanlivery

Restricted to people from Cornwall for weekend breaks. 

DG Albright Charitable Trust

Restricted to people from Gloucestershire area.

Charles S French Charitable Trust

Restricted to people from Essex, North and East London.

ESG Robinson Charitable Trust

Restricted to young people from Dorset and the Westcountry.

Calvert Trust Exmoor Visitor Fund

Open to anyone with any disability, from anywhere in the UK.

Mayfield Home Trust

Mayfield Home Trust provide grant support for people of any age who have learning disabilities,  who live in Gloucestershire, and would welcome applications for holidays with Calvert Trust Exmoor. In this case (unlike the other bursaries listed here) you need apply directly to the Trust rather than to Calvert Trust Exmoor. 

Enjoying the View

"The Calvert Trust Exmoor have been positive and proactive in making our first trip memorable and meaningful, from my first investigative phone call last July to our actual visit this week. All our wishes /requests have been accommodated, all staff (instructors, admin staff and support staff) have been friendly, and the activities have challenged both staff and students! Receiving the bursary made such a difference."

Audrey Hopkins, Heritage House School


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