Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Other Support

As well as applying to us for a bursary, there are other organisations who may be able to provide financial support for guests wanting to book a holiday at Calvert Trust Exmoor. We recommend that anyone seeking funding should begin searching for a grant or fund well before booking their holiday.

Social Care and Health Services

Contact your local council's social care and health service to find out what funding they have available and what the eligibility criteria are. Grants available vary from area to area and also change over time so unfortunately we are unable to give any more specific details here.

Citizens Advise Bureau

Your local Citizens Advice Bureau should have information on local sources of funding, for example regional or local charities that might be able to help you. You can find your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau on their website;

RAF Benevolent Fund

The RAF's leading welfare charity; they offer support and assistance to the men, women and children of the RAF family. In particular they can offer help through The RAF Disabled Holiday Trust, who make it possible for serving and ex- RAF people and their dependants with a severe disability to take holidays.

Royal British Legion

The Royal British Legion helps the whole Armed Forces community through welfare, comradeship and representation. Their 'Poppy Breaks' offers breaks to ex-Service and serving personnel and their families. If you or a member of your family is recovering from an illness, bereavement or other life affecting event, the Legion can provide a comfortable and enjoyable break.

Mayfield Home Trust

Mayfield Home Trust provide grant support for people of any age who have learning disabilities,  who live in Gloucestershire, and would welcome applications for holidays with Calvert Trust Exmoor.  

Mary's Beat

"Mary's Beat" is a fund set up in memory of Mary Dyer, and administered by Somerset Community Foundation. The fund supports people with disabilities aged 16 to 40 who live in Devon or Somerset, with a grant of up to £1000. Mr & Mrs Dyer (who set up the fund) encourage people in this area who are interested in coming to Calvert Trust Exmoor to apply.

MS Society Grants

The MS Society has a short breaks and activities fund, that pay for short breaks for people with MS or family members or friends who are caring for them;

Disability Aid Trust

The Disability Aid Trust make sure that severely disabled people around the UK can experience a welcome break from routine by taking a holiday;

The Farrell Charitable Trust

The Farrell Trust offers small grants to people with disabilities to assist with the cost of holidays. family and carers can also be included in the holiday;

Family Action

Family Action are about building stronger families, and provide practical, emotional and financial support to those who are experiencing poverty, disadvantage and social isolation across England;

3H Fund

3H fund help disabled children and adults, as well as carers, to enjoy a much needed holiday;

Rotary Clubs

Your local Rotary International of Great Britain and Ireland club may be able to help people with a disability living in their local area. You can find your local club(s) on their website;

Round Table

Your local Round Table may be able to help people with a disability living in their local area. You can find your local chapter on their website;

Lions Clubs

Lions clubs meet the needs of their local communities. You can find your local club(s) on their website;

Benevolent Funds

Some industries and trades have benevolent funds that can provide support to people who have previously been involved in that particular trade, and their families. Some examples are listed below, but there are many others:

The Care Workers Charity - Support current, former and retired care professionals

The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund - Provide support for doctors, medical students and their families -

The Electrical Industries Charity - The national charity for the electrical and energy industries

The Transport Benevolent Fund -  Support those who work in the public transport industry -

Help Musicians UK - The leading UK charity for professional musicians of all genres, from starting out through to retirement. -

The Actors Benevolent Fund - Exists to help members of the theatrical profession who are in need because of accident, illness or old age -


wheelchair user & staff having fun

"The instructors were great with our group, did their best to involve everyone and to ensure we all had opportunity to participate. Very patient and caring, made the activities fun and interesting so everyone had a brilliant time. Excellent specialist equipment so those with high support needs are included. Well done and thank you."

Theresa Burt


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