Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Stables Summer Open Day

Our stables Open Day was a great success, and raised £663 towards the stables refurbishment costs.

We were very grateful for all the support received from both Stables Volunteers and Staff, as well as everyone who took the time to join us for the afternoon. For more on this day check our our blog 

We will be holding another Open Day in the winter - date to be announced soon! 


Stables welcome Max, the newest addition to the Stables

Max, a 10-year old Piebald Gelding, is 14.1 hands high and a Traditional Cob.  

Max is ride and drive pony and is very kind and friendly. Before joining Calvert, he was used as a Commercial Driving Pony. 



The Robert Luff Foundation have very kindly taken on a Gold Sponsorship of Max. 


The assessment / training process is different for each horse: every individual horse has a full assessment for all the tasks they will be asked to carry out eg. riding; driving; using the platform and hoist grooming sessions; and trick sessions. Each horse also has a training plan which monitors any problems or health issues, as well as a clear plan for training needs eg. lunging, or long-reining to balance the horse without a rider, or being schooled by staff to teach them school movements.


Because our work is so specialised it is always a slow process to educate a new horse, and rushing this process is not an option. This is the ground work needed to create a safe and happy all-rounder horse.


Kojak retires

 A popular pony, Kojak was ready for retirement. Kojak has been sold to a family near Carlisle and has settled in well. His new family has promised to keep us up-to-date with his progress.










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