Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure


Meet Our Ponies

We have some very special horses and ponies: they are chosen carefully to ensure they have the right temperament for the job, and are specially trained to safely carry and respond to riders with disabilities.




FrankiePicture of Bailey

A Piebald Gelding 7 years old

14.1 hands high

Traditional Cob


Frankie is a recent addition to our stables & our youngest pony. He loves to drive and do Horse Agility.



Frankie has Gold Sponsorship from Frankie Cranfield's Studio




A Piebald Gelding 15 years old

14.1 hands high

Traditional Cob

Billy is a Ride and Drive pony kindly on loan from Penny Cardew; Billy was Penny's mothers much loved friend. He is forward going and loves to jump. 


                                          Silver Sponsorship from an Anonymous sponsor




A Skewbald Gelding 16 years old

15.3 hands high Cob


Fudge is a very experienced horse. He teaches many people of all abilities to ride. Fudge was bought for us by a kind donor.



Fudge has Gold Sponsorship from the Robert Luff Foundation.



HagisHaggisHaggis jumping

A Bay Gelding 28 years old 

14.3 hands high

Welsh Cob

Haggis wears sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes. He came to our stables in 2002 from our sister centre at Kielder .Haggis wears sunglasses to protect his sensitive eyes


Haggis has Gold Sponsorship from St Bega's Charitable Trust.

                                                      Silver Sponsorship from Maggie Climie




A Piebald Gelding 16 years old

14.1 hands high


Mischief was bought with money kindly donated by The Keswick Lions. He rides and drives. In the summer he wears a nose net as he suffers from hay fever!


Mischief has Gold Sponsorship from the Friends of the Lake District Calvert Trust.




A Grey Mare 26 years old

13.2 hands high


Pepsi loves to gallop and jump but also behaves very well on the lead rein. 

She has become good friends with Haggis, they are the two oldest ponies here.


Pepsi has Silver Sponsorship from St Herbert's School.




A Black Gelding 22 years old 

13.2 hands high

Welsh Pony 

Prince is a ride and drive pony. He wears a hood to protect his eyes from the sun; has learned to do tricks; and enjoys visiting the Lake.


Prince has Gold Sponsorship from an anonymous donor.




A Piebald Gelding, 12 years old

14.1 hands high

Traditional Cob  

Max, our newest arrival, is ride & drive pony. He is very kind & friendly & was used as a Commercial Driving Pony before he joined Calvert. 


Max has Gold Sponsorship from the Robert Luff Foundation.




A Chestnut Gelding 11 years old

15.2 hand high

Full Welsh Cob section D

Nicky, full name Cwmtawe Kenickie - has been used for riding and driving. Nicky started his Calvert training in May 2014.





 Uncle SilasUncle SilasUncle Silas

A Chestnut Gelding 23 years old

15.2 hands high

Cob Cross

Silas is a ride and drive pony. He enjoys pulling the carriage. He came from a near by trekking centre







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