Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

The Noble Ninety Six

We are extremely grateful to the fabulous local people and businesses that have generously donated to become one of our ‘Noble Ninety-Six’, by donating at least £100 towards replacing the skylights in our indoor riding arena. 

Ann Cumming

Annie & Peter Freeman

Annie Prebensen

Antoine Khayat

Ashfords Solicitors

Braddicks Furnishers Ltd

Calor Gas

Chris Slater

Colin Drummond

D & I Bridgemans

Dr David Hunter

Dr Tom Bigge

Dulverton Laundry

Evans Heating & Plumbing

Exmoor Trust

Friends of Calvert Trust Exmoor

Ilfracombe Foodservice

James Electrics

Jana Khayat

Jeremy Holtom

Lady Acland

Lady Arran

Lady Gass

Lineal Software Solutions LTD

Lynton & Barnstaple Railway

Maitland Walker LLP

Matthew Pearce Skydive

Michael & Anne Mant

Mr and Mrs Cook

Mrs NA Garrod

Mrs Y M Garfield-Pearce

Old Station House Inn

Perrigo Social Club

Philip Dennis Food Service

Clare Gore Langton

Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School

Sir Michael Knight

Taw Garages

TDK-Lambda UK Ltd

The Bideford Freemasons

The Lyn Valley Society

The Rotary Club of Barnstaple

The Rotary Club of Braunton

The Rotary Club of Braunton Caen

The Rotary Club of Holsworthy

The Rotary Club of Ilfracombe

The Rotary Club of Sid Valley

Thomas Westcott

Tony Potter

White Consultancy Services

Michael & Mary Ford

Henry Potter

Sue May

Abi Hitchcock

The Rotary Club of Ilfracombe Compass

The Rotary Club of Exmoor

Joanna Thomas

The Rotary Club of Torrington

The Clothworkers Foundation

South Molton Methodist Church


These names will forever be part of Calvert Trust Exmoor through a plaque erected in the stables for all our guests to see the generous members of the Noble Ninety-Six.




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