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Shop Xenca for Us

Calvert Trust Exmoor are pleased to announce that they are now being supported by Xenca, the health and wellness company providing nutritional and beauty products based on natural ingredients.


Xenca is a company owned and run by its members, and has been producing its own brand organic cosmetics and natural supplements since May 2013.


By purchasing Xenca products through 

customers can ensure that 30% of their spend is donated to Calvert Trust Exmoor without any additional cost to themselves, and still benefit from any Xenca offers and deals.


Robin Nicoll, Lead Fundraiser for Calvert Trust Exmoor; It’s great that Xenca have chosen to support us in this way, we really appreciate it. Their ‘together, we’re better’ philosophy ties in well with our ethos here at Calvert Trust Exmoor, and we look forward to using the money raised to support even more people with a wide range of disabilities.”


Xenca’s collagen and green 'super food' products are also endorsed by a number of professional athletes, including IFBB Wheelchair Pro Bodybuilder Dan Smith. Xenca are currently running a number of Christmas special offers on their organic cosmetics and skincare; customers can benefit from these offers while supporting Calvert Trust Exmoor to help people with disabilities in financial need, through our bursaries.


The Xenca range includes:

  • Eternity: Skin care that is natural and kind to your skin. Full of natural, skin smoothing ingredients rather than harsh chemicals.
  • Perfection: Organic cosmetics that are kind to your skin, kind to the environment and look as flawless and natural as the ingredients they contain. Key ingredients are sweet almond oil, shea butter, apricot kernel oil and vitamins A, B and E.
  • Revitalise: A collagen supplement made with types I and III collagen, to help combat collagen loss from the inside out. This range is free from gluten, lactose, dairy, soya and nuts and may help with improved skin joints, connective tissue, nails and hair quality.
  • Five-A-Day+: Each recommended serving of this green supplement provides the nutritional equivalent of 5 to 7 servings of fresh fruit and veg.
  • Body-friendly supplements: A range of nutrition and well being supplements.

Visit to find more about the Eternity an Perfection ranges, and don't forget to order through to ensure that your purchase helps Calvert Trust Exmoor to help people with disabilities in financial need.







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