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Rob's Bloomin' Big Bungee!

Rob Lott, Head of Communications at Calvert Trust Exmoor, is doing the UK's biggest bungee jump to raise funds for CTE. The money raised will go to our bursary funds, to enable guests who require financial assistance to be able to have an accessible adventure with us. Please show your support for Rob by donating to his justgiving page:


bungee jump


Having never bungeed in his life before, Rob decided that if he was going to do it he might as well go for the biggest one in the country; it only happens once a year, at the National Diving and Activity Centre near Chepstow.  This is a truly unique jump falling 400ft, disappearing into a quarry! 


Rob Lott: "I've always wanted to bungee but have never done so, and I thought I should get it done before I turn 40 in a few months time! I've seen first hand the difference a break at CTE makes to so many of our guests - I'm really excited to be able to do something that I am (hopefully!) going to really enjoy, and at the same time help someone else to have The Calvert Experience.


The hardest bit so far has been dieting to lose a few pounds so that I am under the maximum weight limit; at the moment (with just over a month to go) I can do the jump naked but am too heavy with clothes on, so a little bit more dieting to do!"




Jumpers are raised up from ground level to the top of a 300ft crane, which takes them out over a 100ft quarry, then its just a case of “3, 2, 1, bungee” and then jump!


Interviewed recently about the jump rob said "believe it or not I'm actually not very keen on heights, so I'm really hoping that I dont just freeze at the top and have to persuade them to push me off instead!" 

Please show your support for Rob on his "Bloomin' Big Bungee" and give him the boost he needs to jump by donating to his justgiving page: Rob will be jumping on the 17th of August, and is hoping to raise at least £500 from the jump.


We would particularly like to thank Paul Nicol of iCAN Experiences for his help in making this jump possible - iCAN provides all sorts of exciting experience packages for people with a wide range of different disabilities, and has partnered with CTE to help Rob to raise the maximum possible for our bursary funds.


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