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Amazing Jump for Kielder

Two members of the Calvert Trust Kielder staff team have taken a leap of faith to raise funds for the centre.

Parachute Jump

Domestic Assistant, Andi Carson and Senior Carer, Sinead Coulson took part in their first Tandam Parachute Jump on Sunday at the Skydive Academy in Peterlee.

Andi Carson tells us about his experience:

Parachute Jump

"This is something I have always wanted to do, I am really chuffed to have been able to do it for the Trust, a cause which is obviously close to my heart.





Parachute JumpGetting kitted up and waiting in the hanger for the plane was nerve racking but once you are on the plane you totally forget about being scared, the team at the jump centre were really fantastic and helped to put us both at ease.

Because we were the last jump of the day, we had time to take the plane up to 14,000ft instead of the usual 10,000ft, to jump which was fantastic. 

Parachute JumpThe jump itself was amazing, we went so fast all I could do was scream until the instructor pulled the cord for the parachute to open, then it was so quiet, I was able to chat to my instructor and I got to control the parachute until we landed safely on our feet. I gave my new best friend (the instructor) a massive hug and then I watched Sinead flying down from the sky.



Parachute JumpIn terms of experiences, this has to be the second best in my life so far, the first being the birth of my children."

Andi and Sinead have managed to raise over £900 by asking family and friends to sponsor them. Andi's Mum also manage to get herself on Metro Radio to ask for support for her son's challenge. 




If you would like to take on the experience of a life time for Calvert Trust Kielder then please contact Hazel Ditchburn on 01434 250232 or click here for further information


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