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Rodulfus Raises the Roof for Exmoor!

The fantastic Rodulfus Choir raised the roof with their fabulous performance recently at St Dunstan-in-the-West, and raised over £7,000 for the Friends of Calvert Trust Exmoor in the process!


Rodulfus Choir performing at St Dunstans


St Dunstan's is a beautiful church with a long history, having been first founded around 1000 AD! The present building has stood on Fleet Street for around 180 years, and was the perfect venue for this beautiful performance.


The Rodolfus Choir is one of the leading young choirs in the United Kingdom; founded in 1983, its members are all alumni of the famous Eton choral courses and the choir comprises of some of the finest young choral singers in the country. The choir is conducted by their founder and choral director, Ralph Allwood.

Ralph Allwood


The Programme for the evening included works by John Tavener, JS Bach, Hubert Parry, Herbert Howells and Gustav Mahler.


The Friends of Calvert Trust Exmoor have raised an amazing amount from this performance; so far over £7,400 has been raised, with more money still coming in.


Calvert Trust Exmoor would like to say a huge thank you to the Choir and everyone else involved; thank you so much for your support and your generous donations. The money raised will be put towards essential improvements, making our facilities even more accessible for guests with a wide range of disabilities.


Rodolfus Choir

Soprano Alto Tenor Bass

Ella MacCarthy

Izzy Gibber

Juliet Webb

Georgie Gulliver

Miranda Ostler

Catherine Hart

Amy Ma

Elly Bray

Isobel Rose

Olivia Williams

Lorna Price

Olivia Lewis

Alice Webster

Lottie Mitchell

Zoe Lakota-Baldwin

Micah Mackay

Catherine Bench

Matthew Farrell

Leo Popplewell


Joshua Baxter

Liam Connery

Sam Herman-Wilson

Jaivin Raj

Peter Leigh

Clement Collins Rice

Sebastian Harwood

Henry Page

Miles Ashdown

Amatey Doku

Frankie Postles

Gary Allen

Toby Matimong

Joe Chesterman-March

Shaun Wood

Simon Grant

Nick Sprinthorpe

Tom Rayner

Magnus Walker

Johannes Moore

Hugh Alabaster

David Valsamidis

Tristan Selden

Maddy Alabaster



Tiara Ataii

Emily Almond

Alexander Eadon


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