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Kielder's Top Tips for Team Building

Team building. We’ve all heard about it in our workplace but how many of us actually know what it is and why we need it?


Team Building Kielder Quest


Often associated with phrases like 'organisational psychology' and 'internal environment' it’s easy to switch off and lose sight of what team building can actually do for your business.

If done properly;

  • it can help to create a happy workplace, which will increase your team's motivation
  • More motivation means more productivity and more productivity means quality work and in turn maximised profits.

Great team building, like Kielder Quest which offers mental, physical and fun challenges, can really impact on the overall effectiveness of your team and your organisation.

Make sure you know what you want to achieve. Do you want to reward your team, develop specific skills, or is it more important to break down silos and develop relationships?

Research what’s out there, choosing the right programme will get the best results.

Make sure you consider your team's input and ideas before you make a decision; you want them to enjoy the day so it's important to choose something that they can get their teeth into.  Most teams include a variety of personalities, skill sets and abilities, so look for team building that will put them on an equal footing.

Make sure it’s interesting and challenging, if it doesn't spark the interest of your team, they won't be fully committed to the activity and won't reap the benefits of the new skills and relationships that help to develop an effective team.



Choose a convenient time and by this we mean during working hours.  Don't ask your team to sacrifice their personal time.  Everyone will have a positive attitude towards the day and as a result they will get the most out of it.

Enjoy yourself, be one of the team and take part with enthusiasm and positivity. 

Reward your team for putting in the effort, maybe a trip to the local pub to discuss and gain valuable feedback for the next time.

And of course, after considering all this if Kielder Quest is just what you need… Hurry, there are still places for 2016!



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