Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Other Measures

As our Environmental Policy states, wherever we can we want to minimise our impact on the environment. Other measures we are taking to help achieve this include;


We encourage our staff and volunteers to car share, travel by public transport, or live on site, to reduce the carbon footprint from people commuting to work here. We also encourage our guests to travel by public transport; we are happy to arrange collection and drop off for our guests at stations and bus stops to help you do this.


We source locally wherever possible; all of our regular suppliers, contractors and entertainment providers are located within 15 miles of our centre.


We work closely with the Environment Agency, for example they have installed on our site a rainfall monitoring station, which is part of the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme. This station is used to map rainfall in the our local area, and the data is added to that gathered from other stations around the country to build a national map like the example shown below (© Met Office 2015)



This data is used by the National Hydrological Monitoring Programme to model the current state of ground water supplies in the UK, and predict things like river flows and soil moisture.


We are willing to try new things (that sometimes might fail). For example the wind turbine that can be seen on our site was an experimental design, designed to minimise environmental harm by reduce bird strikes.

In some ways the design was not dissimilar to the very first electricity generating wind turbine, which was installed in July 1887 in Marykirk, Scotland, by the engineer James Blyth.This also rotated around a vertical axis, rather like an anemometer.

We received grant funding to install the turbine, however unfortunately this particular design didn't work very well and it has not been the plentiful source of sustainable electricity we initially expected it to be.

We did however learn that we have a plentiful supply of wind! Watch this space for future wind power developments.

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