Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure


Water and Waste

Although we are located right next to Wistlandpound reservoir and regularly use the water for canoeing, kayaking and sailing, we don't actually use the water from the reservoir in our centre! The water we use is taken from our on-site bore hole, which allows us to access naturally occurring underground water supplies. These are in turn replenished from rainwater filtering through the local environment.


The water we extract from the borehole is filtered through a particulate filter and then ultraviolet treated to ensure it is safe to drink, before being pumped into the centre. We use about 14m3 of water in an average day so we also take measures wherever we can to reduce our water consumption, for example we installed a new riding arena watering system that uses 50% less water than the previous system.


Every toilet in the centre is 'low-flush', designed to minimise water waste. Waste water and sewage is recycled on site through our regenerative sewage system. this system removes the solids, and then the liquid goes through a four stage filtration process.


The filtration process is carefully controlled to ensure that at as it leaves the system the water meets stringent Environment Agency standards, and it is then pumped back out into the natural environment as clean fresh water.

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