Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

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Pool Sensory Features


  • A spa, bubble pads and water curtain activated by pool-side buttons.
  • Above and below-water lighting and sounds that can be changed by the pool user to flood the whole pool area with different colours and music.
  • Projector with a variety of moving images e.g.river, planets
  • Sauna


Computerised sensory programmes controlled from the poolside run these in combination to provide a sensory experience combining music, colours and moving projections e.g. tropical jungle, seaside, night sky.


In addition, our staff (or other qualified groups by prior arrangement) are able to raise the moveable pool floor to the surface or lower it to a depth of 3 metres and can also simulate moving water conditions and counter flow currents.


Pool Accessibility


The water centre building is accessed via a sloped walkway or a lift from the ground floor of our main centre building. There is lift access to the sensory room within the water centre.


Ambulant users can access the pool via steps with railings. There is specialised equipment available including a manual and tracking hoist to access the pool, available on request.


In addition to 2 group changing rooms the pool has:


  • 2 accessible/family rooms 
  • 1 poolside room with wall mounted changing bed and overhead hoist*
  • 1 poolside room with tracking hoist directly to the pool, and fully adjustable free standing changing bed.*
  • The pool has an additional manual pool-side hoist that can provide access via a chair or sling.*


We request that pool users make use of the facilities most suited to their needs and pioritise the needs of other users sharing the pool with them.


Visitors using the equipment need to have their own moving and handling training and risk assessments in place. We provide familiarisation with our equipment free of charge, which should be booked ahead.


*Please inform staff at the point of booking if you need to use the poolside rooms and equipment.






Water Centre


Changing room


OMG Headway Pool



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