Challenging Disability Through Outdoor Adventure

Sensory Room


Why not come and relax in our Sensory Room—a  place where the distractions of the outside world are completely absent. Bubble tubes, lights and projectors create a changing coloured environment, and it is well equipped with a range of sensory and interactive equipment. The Sensory Room can be used before or after a swim, or independent of pool use.




The sensory room is located on the upper floor of the Water Centre building. It is accessed from the Pool foyer by a flight of stairs or via a platform lift. There is a mobile hoist and slings available. Visitors using the equipment need to have their own moving and handling training and risk assessments in place. We provide familiarisation with our equipment free of charge, which should be booked ahead.




We charge 50p per person per half hour. Longer sessions can be booked, however be aware sessions of more than 30 minutes may not be suitable for individuals with health conditions e.g. epilepsy, and are at your own risk.


Staff will provide a brief induction to the sensory room as part of a pool induction, or separately on request. Please ask for this when you book.


Sensory Room


Sensory Room


Sensory room

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